Family & Divorce Law

Property Settlement

The negotiation and formalisation of the division of the assets and liabilities of a relationship. 

Parenting arrangements

The consideration and determination of the parental responsibility for decision making as to major decisions in children's lives and the time a child will spend which each parent following the relationship breakdown.

Child Support

How expenses relating to children to whom each parent owes a obligation to provide for are determined and will be met moving forward. 

Family Violence Intervention Orders (IVO's)

Court proceedings relating to the restriction of behaviours that can be committed by people who are in, or have been in a domestic relationship. 

Spousal maintenance

The obligation between spouses to financially provide for each other. 

Financial Agreements (BFA)

Binding agreements that are entered into before, during and after relationships to  contract out of the family law legislation the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) aimed to provide direction as to how assets and liabilities are to be divided in the event of separation.