Ashley C

"Thank you for your work last week, you pulled off a bit of a miracle...  

Once again thank you Maeve, my family really needed this outcome."

Ravish G

"I would like to appreciate the efforts 'Pip Walker' who was instrumental in bringing my case to a fitting conclusion.

She has been very meticulous and thorough in her outlook towards the issue and has kept me informed on all fronts."

Mishka S

"Pip was a breath of fresh air and provided invaluable legal direction, advice and support during my case. She truly is a rare gem who articulated a highly informed, calm, considered and empathetic approach. Pip has a powerful understanding and regard for genuine justice. I highly recommend Pip for anyone who requires a lawyer that truly listens to her clients needs,with great patience I must add, she pays attention to detail and absolutely wholeheartedly guides towards the best outcome for her clients issues, Thank you Pip "

Fiona O

"Thank you Pip for all you did for me and my children words could never fully express my gratitude and aroha"